The Appliance Source sets the standard in major household appliances in Southern Maryland, Central Maryland and Eastern Maryland for new construction and remodeling projects.
Visit our showrooms in Annapolis, Easton or
Hughesville to see how
you can create your extraordinary kitchen.

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Description:   ap·pli·ance
pronunciation: /əˈplaɪəns/ Show Spelled [uh-plahy-uhns]

a piece of equipment, usually operated electrically, especially for use in the home or for performance of domestic chores, as a refrigerator or  washing machine.

The Appliance Source, in Annapolis, Easton, and Hughesville (Southern Maryland), offers only high quality appliances to assist with any task you have in all rooms of your home. The Appliance Source is your answer to make your day easier or home improvements more exciting.
Anne Arundel County, Calvert County, St. Mary's County, Talbot county, Eastern Shore Maryland.


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